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POWER of the TFSA / Tax Free Savings Account / Best Purpose for TFSA Explained / Strategy Explained

What is the best purpose of your TFSA. Your Tax Free Savings Account is the Best Long-Term Wealth Building Federal Government Program For the Average Person. Everything you earn in a TFSA is Completely TAX FREE. To understand the power of the TFSA some alternative names could have been Tax Free Investment Account, or a Tax Free Wealth Building Account, or a Tax Free Retirement Account. You can start participating into this program the year you turn 18.

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The TFSA Program CANNOT Earn Interest Growth / Think About It / Make Strategic TFSA Decisions!!!!

Rules on Contribution

Rules on Excess Contribution Amount

For your reference, please feel free to do research on TFSA's at Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), Guide for Individuals


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