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Non-Profits and Charities are wonderful places to work.  Often times, Non-Profit and Charity Organizations perform wonderful services to the communities they are a part of.  No matter what organization you're in or regardless of how many people work or volunteer there, people are most likely among the key assets within your organization.  Your organization probably would not be successful without them and your organization does functions best when those employees or volunteers are able to work at their best.  There is a strong relationship between personal financial wellness, physical and emotional health, and productivity.  To help keep your people engaged, and to keep productivity optimal, people need to be physically and emotionally healthy, and they need to also be financially well.  Financial support and education, well beyond retirement education, could go a long way towards improving the financial wellness of those people who do so much within your organization.


For some Non-Profits and Charities, the workplace can be an ideal spot to deliver the tools that allow your people to achieve improved financial wellness for themselves, thereby becoming more engaged in their work and boosting the bottom line of the organization they work for, too.


Ask Mark Albert to assist and support you in this area.  You can start with asking Mark Albert to do a Free Financial Workshop during your employee's lunch time.  It will be free to you, but invaluable for your people.  Benefits of allowing Mark Albert to assist you with one of his Financial Wellness Workshops:

- Attendees learn important financial concepts that they can apply in their personal finances right away.

- Attendees have the option to receive a free comprehensive financial strategy that is confidential and customized to their unique situation helping them to get on the right financial track.

- Attendees will receive financial education that is made simple in a fun and open environment. 

- Free prizes and giveaways

Financial Wellness Workshops are

available in the following cities:












Greater Toronto Area

If you would like to book Mark Albert as a Speaker, or to do a Financial Workshop or Seminar

please contact

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