Seeking Financial Success - Those who attend this workshop will explore the Offensive and Defensive Financial Strategies that they should implement to become more successful within their comprehensive financial strategy. 


Getting Out Of Debt, Staying Out Of Debt - Those who attend this workshop will explore the patterns of behaviour that is most commonly responsible for getting into the debt trap.  They will also learn financial strategies to assist in getting oneself out of this debt trap and how to stay out of debt.


Building Your Credit and Mortgages - Those who attend this workshop will explore ways to improve their credit score.  They will also be able to explore and better understand how to position themselves to qualify for a mortgage, either as a first time home buyer or as a veteran home owner.


Ask Mark Albert to assist and support you in this area.  You can start with asking Mark Albert to do a Free Financial Workshop during your employee's lunch time.  It will be free to you, the employer, but invaluable for your employees.  Benefits of allowing Mark Albert to assist you with one of his Financial Wellness Workshops:

- Attendees learn important financial concepts that they can apply in their personal finances right away.

- Attendees have the option to receive a free comprehensive financial strategy that is confidential and customized to their unique situation helping them to get on the right financial track.

- Attendees will receive financial education that is made simple in a fun and open environment. 

- Free prizes and giveaways


Financial Wellness Workshops are

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Greater Toronto Area

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