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I would endorse this seminar to my Home Church and friends.

                                                       - Kaydian, Brampton, Ontario


I recommend Mark Albert for financial workshops.  He is very

knowledgeable on what he does. - Yanka, Brampton, Ontario


I am relatively new in Canada and I am very grateful for having

access to all this information early enough for me to make informed financial decision.

                                                                  - Fola, Brampton, Ontario


Beautiful workshop, will recommend to friends, family and colleagues. - Ugochi, Brampton, Ontario


Mark is very knowledgeable and entertaining presenter.  This workshop touched on very important financial information that everyone should be exposed to. - Lisa, Brampton, Ontario


Excellent Financial Seminar on the overall principles of managing debt. Susan, Brampton, Ontario


Great workshop. Learned a lot about building financial strategies. - Diana, Brampton, Ontario


Mark has a great sense of humor, which helps with such a heavy topic. Mark is practical and real. 

- Shayna, Brampton, Ontario


Really great for all demographics. - Pamela, Oakville, Ontario


Great overview of how to understand and improve your net worth. - Rakiba, Mississauga, Ontario


Very informative. Nice Visuals. Interesting. - D. Jackson, Mississauga, Ontario


Favorite topic: Getting out of debt, staying out of debt. - Susan, Mississauga, Ontario


Mark Albert has fantastic information about financial planning, and presented it in such a fun, comprehensive way! - Tenley, Georgetown, Ontario

Great presenter. - Dillon, Mississauga, Ontario



Very good workshop Mark, 10 out of 10. - John, Brampton, Ontario


Thank you for this workshop, was helpful to think more strategically and plan for a better future. 

- Cecilia, Mississauga, Ontario


I highly recommend that everybody should attend this workshop. - Paul, Brampton, Ontario


Mark Albert and his team are great instructors for translating financial jargon into relatable & understandable content. They should do presentations at all workplaces where there are a lot of young people. - Sarah, Mississauga, Ontario


Mark is a great speaker, kept it very interesting. The presentation was very helpful & informative. - Mithuna, Mississauga, Ontario


This workshop helps with providing guidance to financial literacy. - Myles, Mississauga, Ontario


I would highly recommend this workshop for seniors or people like myself who

are approaching the age of 60. - Bret, Brampton, Ontario


Thank you Mark for all your support! - Lurié, Mississauga, Ontario


This presentation was informative in a very clear and understandable approach. - Dawn, Orangeville, Ontario


Thank you very much. - Widow, Brampton, Ontario


We believe that this workshop is very helpful to families.  - Husband & Wife, Brampton, Ontario


I definitely endorse. - Courtney, Brampton, Ontario


I would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs to understand financial management who is afraid and distrusts others who can provide it. - Andrea, Brampton, Ontario


Mark is an awesome teacher.  He knows his stuff!!! - Allison, Brampton, Ontario


Great job Mark! - Semone, Brampton, Ontario


Very  helpful information that will always be applicable. - Dayna, Brampton, Ontario


Yes, I will recommend this workshop to friends. - Claudette, Shelburne, Ontario


A thoughtful and informative lecture on debt and finances. - Michael, Orangeville, Ontario


Very good. - Retired, Brampton, Ontario


I will recommend this program to my friends. - Ron, Shelburne, Ontario




Excellent method of presenting complicated information. - Gerry, Financial Advisor, Brampton, Ontario


It was easily understood. - Barbara, Brampton, Ontario


I found this workshop informative, friendly and rich with ideas and strategies. Mark answered all my questions and took a lot of mystery away. Highly recommended. - Tony, Brampton, Ontario


Keep up the great energy  and easy learning strategies. - Veronica, Brampton, Ontario


Informative, well thought out, easy to understand. - Jason, Brampton, Ontario


I enjoyed being in this workshop and I’m glad to recommend to others. - James, Brampton, Ontario


It was all new to me and interesting. - Steve, Brampton, Ontario

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