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Climate Action Incentive / Federal Government Incentive / CARBON TAX / 2018 Income Tax / CRA

The Federal Liberal's Carbon Tax is a Head Ache for some, however, lets take advantage of the Climate Action Incentive. If you were a resident as on December 31, 2018 in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, or New Brunswick you need to apply for the Climate Action Incentive when filing your 2018 Income Tax to the CRA.

The climate action incentive (CAI) payment may reduce your amount payable or increase your refund when you file your income tax and benefit return. Only one person per family (you or your

spouse or common-law partner) can claim the CAI payment.

To claim the CAI payment, you must:

1. Complete your 2018 income tax and benefit return

2. Complete Schedule 14 included with your return

3. Send (file) your return to the CRA

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