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MONEY with MARK ALBERT™ is all about financial education. Educating people about MONEY is a passion of mine. I trust that you will enjoy my website.  I am an Author, Speaker, and Financial Advisor in the Greater Toronto Area.  

As a Financial Advisor, my financial licenses allow me to assist clients with investments, insurance, and mortgages. Having been a Financial Advisor for many years, I am able to provide you with a wide range of financial advice that may assist you in your overall financial strategy. This has become a great asset to my clients when it comes to servicing them with their mortgage


                                        As a Financial Advisor, I will  work

                                        diligently at better understanding your                                              current financial situation and will 

                                        provide you with detailed financial 

                                        strategies on how you can achieve your individual and family goals. These strategies assist in reaching 

your short, medium, and long-term financial goals. Your mortgage also plays a role within our overall financial strategy.

As a Mortgage Agent, my job is to seek out all of the options available from a range of lenders. Whether you are a home owner or looking to own a home, you have unique needs. That is why I will take the time to listen to your specific situation before presenting you with your best choices from the most appropriate lenders.

​There are a host of  innovative Mortgage

products on the market today that enable consumers to become home owners.


Mortgage lenders have come up with a wealth of new products to meet the affordability requirements, cash flow needs, and risk tolerances of a range of borrowers. I will sort through all of these products and make sense of them for you.

​If you are looking for a Financial Advisor or for Mortgage assistance in Brampton, Mississauga, Orangeville, Caledon, Milton, or Georgetown, please feel free to contact me at 416-659-6655 or 

Also,  please feel free to request a Personal Financial Review, to see how your mortgage and/or income property fits within your overall financial strategy.


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